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Cannabis Below the Belt - Breaking the Stigma

Updated: Apr 24

Perhaps the most stigmatized form of consumption for cannabinoids is the suppository.

Starting with the word, 5 syllables of grossness. But the truth is there is not a more versatile plant that can be consumed and benefited from in so many ways as cannabis. We can inhale cannabis, we can apply her topically, we can eat her, we can take a bath in her, we can ingest her sublingually, and last but not least we can use her as a suppository.

Suppositories can be used in the Yoni and the colon and each administration has benefits. Suppositories are best used for conditions below the belt and for people fighting serious ailments that need to saturate their receptors without getting their head ‘too high’.

Because of the nature of our bodies and cannabis and the way that we have a symbiotic relationship, cannabinoids must ‘lock and key’ with receptors. That means they need to make actual contact so the closer you can get the cannabinoids to the receptors, the more effective they are. We have receptors all over our skin, which is great for topicals and baths. We have receptors all over our internal organs, which is wonderful for eating edibles, taking sublinguals, and using suppositories.

Suppositories are definitely a vulnerable form of consumption and when we use suppositories it’s important to know our sources and make sure that we are using organic ingredients. Suppositories can help with a huge variety of ailments with little negative effect (think undie and sheet stains).

  • They are wonderful for menstrual cramps and also abdominal cramping and cramps associated with colitis and other digestive disorders.

  • They are extremely helpful for hemorrhoids and any discomfort that is colon related.

  • Suppositories may be used for postpartum care along with a number of other vaginal discomforts and imbalances.

  • They are also amazing for vaginal dryness and have been shown to increase and spike the female orgasm, especially if it is a high THC ratio being used.

  • When looking at the mind, body, spirit as a whole, we cannot overlook the power of sexual healing. We’ve heard it before and let us re-emphasize that having sex and orgasms is good for our health both mentally, emotionally, and physically, as long as it is safe and in alignment with what we want.

  • Using suppositories for sexual health or as a lubricant works for all types of love, including self-love. (Please note, this won’t work if people are using latex condoms as all oils break latex.)

The colon is absorbing like a sponge from the moment we are born to the moment we die which is why cannabis baths are so effective. Making your own suppository allows you to create the right ratio of active ingredients for you. Suppositories allow for us to saturate our receptors without becoming uncomfortably high. High THC ratios intensify and prolong the female orgasm.

To make your own, we recommend OM Love Balm for use as a suppository. It contains organic shea butter, coconut oil, calendula, olive oil and cannabis. The suppositories ARE temperature sensitive but can be stored in a clearly marked container in the freezer or fridge. One of the only downfalls of using suppositories is that they may stain clothing or bedding so please be mindful and either wear dark clothing with them or feel free to lay down a towel. You can use them anytime of day or right before bed and lay horizontally as one way to maximize the effects.

Also, again because it is important: oil breaks latex so if you’re using these for sexual health do not use them with latex condoms.

Full article coming out in Skunk Magazine in September 2020.

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