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The Perfect Brownie, with Pot or Not

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The pot brownie is a nostalgic Cannabis offering rich in symbology and significance that stems from a beautiful act of radical compassion and service.

After Mary Jane Rathbun tragically lost her daughter in a car accident, she began volunteering at the San Francisco General Hospital during the AIDS epidemic. She noticed how much Cannabis helped the patients with nausea and started baking it into brownies so she could sneak them to the patients in need. She was one of the most proactive and fearless medical Cannabis advocates in history and today her legend lives on. It’s because of Brownie Mary that the pot brownie was born and all of the renditions that exist today. No pot brownie should be made or consumed without a spiritual nod of deep gratitude and respect to Brownie Mary for paving the way of all Cannabis edibles.

There are a million ways to skin a cat and everybody has tastes and preferences. In our humble opinion, this is the perfect brownie recipe, with pot or not.

The Cannabis can be baked into the brownie or the brownie can be Cannabis free and medicated in many ways after baking as well. Top the brownies before or after baking with the Om Elixir of your choice, use our infused olive oil in the recipe, slather the brownies with our CBD cacao, or make the perfect beverage with any Om Elixir to accompany your delicious Om-Made treats.

You are welcome to bake the brownies in one large pan and add the olive oil in before baking, if everybody has the same tolerance and preferences. More times than not we have found that while some people like a micro serving of 2 mg or so, other people may need as many as 100+ milligrams. That being said these brownies are so delicious that everyone will want to enjoy a whole one so making them too strong for beginners is just down right cruel. For that reason, we recommend baking Cannabis treats in a muffin tin because It allows each cavity to remain separate and if you’re seeking high potency it’s a way to saturate baked goods with cannabis infused oils without them losing shape. Using a muffin pan can allow us to add Cannabis to each cavity individually before baking and will keep the amount of allotted cannabinoids contained to that one cavity. Just make sure to remember which ones are which. You can mark them with a white chocolate chip on the top or use a sharpie to draw on the silicone mold.

As with anything in life, we get out what we put in. If you have access, please use organic ingredients and a higher quality chocolate. A very important word to the wise: ALWAYS clearly mark your medicated baked goods so that no one eats them by accident.

If you make this recipe make sure to use the hash tag #OMmade for a chance at winning a full flight of CBD Epsom salts!

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