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Cannabis Hydrotherapy 101

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Cannabis hydrotherapy deserves a category of its own. Cannabis soaks go far beyond a traditional topical (but with all the benefits), yet are totally different than an edible. The experience is an extremely palpable mind and body effect, with no chance of a bad trip. They are truly a different form of consumption, because of the colon, which is constantly absorbing like a sponge.

Making a bath product is a big responsibility because you are dealing with people’s most intimate places, and every ingredient counts. Here are a few things that make OM baths both effective and special:

  1. We use sun grown cannabis flowers in our infusions making our salts full spectrum.

  2. OM salts are pharmacological grade salt. This means they are pure and do not contain contaminants or pollutants, nor was the Earth damaged in the process.

  3. Our Epsom salts are free from chemicals, colors, and preservatives.

Om’s ingredients are divine and each has its own benefits:

  1. Cannabis has antioxidant properties that help to reduce wrinkles and offer a beautifying effect for the skin and hair.

  2. Magnesium salts bring a variety of health benefits. They draw lactic acid from muscles which helps with soreness, are good for hair, skin and more. Check out more benefits of magnesium salt here.

  3. Avocado seed oil is rich in antioxidants and wonderful for hair and skin.

  4. Argan oil is nourishing for your hair and skin.

  5. Jojoba oil contains sebum, which your skin naturally secretes and which aids in diminishing scars.

  6. Essential oils bring an aromatherapeutic benefit and a unique property to each variety.

    • Rose Geranium - good for the skin, decreases stress

    • Lavender - calming and perfect for sleep

    • Athletic - most popular amongst men and brings a tingly, invigorating feeling

    • Lemon Ginger Eucalyptus - (we like to call it Sunshine in a Bag), contains powdered ginger root, which increases circulation and helps to uplift the mood

    • Fragrance free is perfect for those with sensitivities

Because doctors recommend 2-4 cups of magnesium salts, we encourage people to use the whole bag for a bath, but you are not obligated to do so. You can also use our Epsom Salts as a hand soak, foot soak, compress or scrub or any way your imagination will allow. OM’s cannabis-infused Epsom salts are a 1:1 ratio with 25 mg of THC & 25 mg of CBD in each pack. They are available at licensed retailers throughout California. We also offer 100 mg hemp based CBD Epsom salts for online purchasing and world wide shipping. Our award-winning CBD salts have gotten many testimonials as well, but they are not quite as sedating as our 1:1 salts.

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