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OM Valentine's Day Ritual

It’s time to reclaim Valentine’s Day.

As a “Hallmark Holiday,” we have been told a false narrative about what love is. We invite you to transform this day into a true celebration of love, a day where everyone is free to share and express in any and all forms, especially self love.

Awaken the Power of Aphrodite and Honor the Goddess within you— a wise (wo)man celebrating their beauty and freely expressing their love. By fully owning and tapping into the sacred feminine you experience divine power—much like the cannabis plant itself! You are free to give and generously express Aphrodite’s gifts for compassion and love, always.

So whether you are spending time with a special someone, manifesting new love for your future or practicing the important act of self-love and care, OM has just the cannabis magic to elevate your celebration of this powerful force.

Here are some of OM’s Aphrodite Goddess’ tips to help enhance your Valentine’s Day rituals:

Rose Petal Bath with OM’s Rose Geranium Cannabis Infused Epsom Salt

1. Clean and clear the space around the tub or spa. White vinegar is an affordable and natural way to clean. It is anti-bacterial and will not throw off the ph of your sacred feminine. 2. Set Out Crystals, Candles, Flowers and other special adornments for intention setting, meditation and thoughtfulness. We recommend Rose Quartz for manifesting love and Celinite for clarity. 3. Draw a bath to the temperature of your liking and set a calming playlist of music, if desired, for optimum relaxation. 4. Add a whole bag of OM’s Rose Geranium Epsom Salt and rinse the bag with the bath water to get all of the oil out. 5. Take this soak to a whole new level by adding fresh rose petals to the water. 6. Lastly, dip in & relax for a truly incredible treat for yourself and, or a loved one!

Toast to Love and Raise a Glass with OM’s Elixirs

Add one of our delicious Elixirs to the your drink of choice— hot, cold, or sparkling! Available in Daytime, Nighttime, and CBD, as well as Extra Strength 1000MG THC, CBD, and 1:1. We recommend adding a little CBD with some bubbly Champagne or Rosé. Disclaimer: Mixing alcohol with anything can really turn things up and cannabis is no different. Always use caution and moderation when mixing cannabis and alcohol.

Anoint Your Temple with OM’s Rose Geranium Bath & Body Oil

1. Clean & Clear the space around the massage table or bed by tidying and/or burning sage & Palo Santo. 2. Set Out Crystals, Candles and other special adornments for setting the mood & intention. 3. Make sure the temperature in the room and body oil is to your liking. 4. Rub our oil in your hands and begin to anoint yourself and or a loved one, from head to toe. 5. Thank each body part as you apply a loving touch.

Pair OM’s CBD Cacao with Fruit or use it as a body paint for sensual play

Known to promote feelings of love and bliss, cacao naturally opens up the heart chakra. It boosts stamina, energy and is considered to be a potent aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual function. Made with the finest organic ingredients, our CBD Cacao can be licked, nibbled, or sucked off of any part of your beloveds body. It is a splendid addition to the end of a romantic day as the ultimate happy ending. Enjoy anyway your imagination will allow you, we have yet to be disappointed!

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