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Coloring for Self Care

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

We hope to help you reduce stress with our cannabis and self care themed coloring printouts. We worked in collaboration with two local female artists to create three images to choose from. So grab your favorite Topical, Edible, or Tincture and let’s get creative!

Right click on the image that you would like to download and save it, then print!

About the artists

Meet LinZy Miggantz

“Art is a visual dialogue which is an effective catalyst for necessary realizations & changes. This is why I create my heARTwork with strong psychedelic or otherworldly themed imagery. I want to create an environment to have a conversation where everyone can learn and contribute outside of the normal confines of what society dictates.”

Visit LinZy’s website

Follow her on Instagram or Facebook

Meet Helene Cotton

Helene’s art is inspired by nature, time, possibility, emotion, landscape, and the concept of spaciousness. She works in graphic design and marketing in the Bay Area.

Visit Helene’s website and see more of her free coloring book pages here.

Follow her on Instagram

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